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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 1, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the mummers and their most die-hard fans keeping new year's day tradition alive braving the frigid conditions. >> bathing suits on the beach during a deep freeze. brave souls out there in single digits at the shore today. and tonight the bitter freeze isn't stopping people from twirling around the bluecross river rink. this is a live look as people celebrate the new year all bundled up. good evening. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. we have a first alert in effect now through tomorrow morning for the dangerous cold starting off through 2018. anyone traveling home will want
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the heat turned up high in the car. these are live cameras showing i-95 and i-76. >> in philadelphia tonight, temperatures in the teens and windchills making it feel closer to zero tonight. this is a live look at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. let's bring in first alert meteorologist tammie souza. are we ever going to get a break? >> of course we are. we may get above freezing early next week. there's a slight chance on wednesday. there are nice things that we can enjoy from the warmth of our home, including a huge full moon. it's the biggest full moon or at least appear to be the biggest full moon of the year and we're going to have two full moons. this first one that you're seeing out there right now is known as the wolf moon because folklore said they would howl. outside right now what you need to know is a first alert for the
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dangerous cold which is why you need to enjoy the beautiful moon. tonight we see temperatures between zero and 15 degrees above. so limit your time outside if you have to go out. they will need special care. next up, a coastal storm may come to the shoreline and if it's close enough, we could be talking significant snow in our area i'll talk about all of this when i come back. guys? ♪ blistering cold couldn't keep the mummers from strutting today. thousands of marchers braved the frigid temperatures to carry on the annual new year's day pair ra parade. >> but they say performing in the blistering temperatures is not an easy feat. at 6:00, the franancy brigades
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where some mummers are competing right now. >> george spencer talked to them earlier when they were strutting out in the cold. >> the new year began as it has for nearly a century here with the mummers playing and the fancy and comic brigade strutting on broad stpeq9ñ but 2018 will be remembered for its frigid parade temperatures. >> this is the coldest i've ever been. >> reporter: jimmy should know, this is his 68th mummer parade. he says this year's weather made brass instruments particularly tough. >> what happen is they freeze up, like the saliva from your mouth. it freezes the keys and gets
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frozen and can't play. >> reporter: organizers considered rescheduling this tradition because of the extreme forecast. but in the end, performers bundled up and buses drove the parade route as a warmup space. >> we're dressed warm. we're sweating right now. >> reporter: you're sweating under that? >> yeah. >> reporter: you have the layers on, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: spectators took the same approach. >> very cold. i remember being here when it was 72 degrees and i got a little sunburn. >> reporter: not this year? >> not this year. >> reporter: they say there's no better way to ring in the new year. >> good new year's weather. >> reporter: as any regular knows, this is not the end of the new year's event. tonight, the fancy brigades compete over at the convention center and then, of course, there's the party down on 2 street. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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>> that means our coverage of the 2018 mummer's parade continues right now on our nbc 10 app. you can look at all of the best events from today's party. >> more than 50 people stripped down to their bathing suits and it's all part of the polar plunge. some were there for the first time. frigid temperatures caused some people to cancel their frozen plunge. >> it's not going to get me. when that first toe hits that water, you know something. >> it feels like a cleansing-type feeling. it's like you conquered something. >> most of the participants ran out of the ocean and straight to the bar & grill to warm up. new at 6:00, montgomery
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county firefighters had no help while taking on this house fire that went up in flames just after 4:00 in abington. no one was hurt and they are still working to find out what started it. our first alert for this bitter cold continues tomorrow morning as you head back to work. wake up with nbc 10 news today starting at 4:00 a.m. so you'll know exactly what to expect before you step outside and of course you can get updates on the free nbc 10 app. >> new details now in a developing story that we're following in new jersey. we've just learned a local college student is one of the victims that police say was killed by a teenager who shot his family. stockton university freshman brittney was among four people killed yesterday inside of a home in long branch. police say that the 16-year-old brother used an assault rifle in the shooting. the suspect's mother, father and family friend were also killed.
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he was taken into custody without incident. and tonight, allentown police are already dealing with their first homicide of 2018. two people were shot just minutes into the new year. it happened at the holiday house party across the street from an elementary school. nbc 10's steven fisher shows us why a trend stemming from last year has neighbors on edge tonight. >> reporter: i can tell you that this shooting happened at a new year's eve house party. one person we spoke to at that party told us at first it was just friends and as the night went on, more and more people showed up that she did not know and that's when those shots were fired. decorated for the occasion, a double shooting leaving one person dead just 40 minutes in t the new year. >> you have people starting off the new year 40 minutes into the new year. >> reporter: this was a new year's eve party and somebody attending the party said they heard seven gunshots and never
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got a look at who pulled the trigger. >> i saw only one car here and another over there. i was scared to come out. >> reporter: last year there were 17 homicides in allentown. in 2018, it's off to a deadly start and neighbors are concerned about their city. >> it's a sad shame. it's a sad statement for the state of the city and the area. >> reporter: police say so far no arrests have been made. reporting in allentown, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. the new year means new and old mayors across our area will be sworn into office. about an hour ago, mayor ed pawlowski was sworn in despite
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accusations against him. he maintains his innocence. mayor gilliam in atlantic city was sworn in. he plans to meet with state officials and get their feet back on the ground. and camden's mayor was sworn in a public inauguration will take place later this month. a former miss america is taking over the reins after an e-mail scandal. gretchen carlson has been named the organization's chairwoman. the former fox news host has been very vocal about finding new leadership after the e-mail scandal. the sexist e-mails were leaked to "the huffington post." nbc hasn't verified those e-mails. late last month, three board members resigned. >> we're learning more about the ten americans killed in a plane crash in costa rica. a family of four from florida
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and family of five fortunateromk were killed. one of the victims is an 18-year-old who was a freshman at the university of pennsylvania. the costa rican ministry reports richard weiss of bel air was also killed. he was a graduate of thomas jefferson university. all 12 people on board were killed in that crash. president trump is back in washington tonight after ringing in the new year in palm beach. he left florida about two years ago. last night, the president and first lady had a party at his private club mar-a-lago. earlier today the president tweeted, "much work to be done but it will be a great new year." and a new warning to the u.s. from north korean leader kim jong-un. he used his new year's day address to warn the u.s. against testing him saying we're in range of north korea's nuclear weapons and he has a nuclear button on his desk. north korea tested 18 missiles
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last year security analysts say it's hard to prove or debunch north korea's claim based on the current evidence. all right. new at 6:00, an allentown woman is charged with driving drunk with three young children in the car. a pennsylvania state trooper pulled her over around 3:00 this morning. a 3-year-old and 4-year-old were in that car along with a 7-month-old baby. happening now, feast your eyes on the first full moon of 2018. this is video from just about an hour ago of the supermoon in allentown. check that out. the first full moon of the year is named after howling wolves. it's going to be 14% bigger, 13% brighter than normal. all new at 6:00, new year, new baby. this infant was born just seconds in the new year. why the mom says she wasn't feeling yesterday's eagles game. and the eagles get ready to
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increase their intensity at practice as they prepare for a playoff run.
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2018 is coming in cold. dangerous cold across our region. first alert meteorologist tammie souza is tracking it for us and a chance for snow in just a few minutes. but to this first.
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it's always a race to be the first baby born in the new year in the delaware valley. >> and we got up to meet with a girl born within minutes at the south jersey hospital where she made quite the entrance. >> she's doing great. >> reporter: she came into the world with a bang. >> the fireworks were going off so it was pretty cool and magical at that moment. >> reporter: that's because one minute into the new year, she made her entrance at cooper hospital. >> one more big push and next thing i know you hear everybody shouting saying happy new year and there i have a baby just laying on my chest. >> reporter: but the feeling not so great as she was watching the eagles cowboys game and the contractions started to get worse. >> when i walked in it somebody
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said i don't think you want to know this. i was like, no. i was having another con strax contraction at the time. >> reporter: she came four days late to make an early 2018 entrance. the first time in a long time nurses say they can remember cooper hospital delivering a baby so close to midnight. >> it's like a competition who can get the first baby and we got it this year so we're excited. >> i don't know if i saw anything like that. it was pretty cool. >> reporter: what a way to start a new year. >> that's what i'm talking about. we're going to have a great year 2018. >> she wasn't feeling the eagles game so she's like, mom, i've got to come out. >> that will make that day memorable. forget about the 6-0 loss. >> exactly. another family in south jersey welcomed a baby six seconds earlier, baby deckland and a huge congratulations to both. >> that's for sure. >> cute baby. >> uh-huh.
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>> let's turn now to your first alert weather. it's freezing on this first night in 2018. a live look from the campus camera. hovering in the single digits in philadelphia tonight. >> it's even colder in the poconos for anyone celebrating on the slopes. it was feeling like 9 degrees below zero here. this is a live picture right now from cambelback mountain resort. imagine what it feels like on the exposed skin. the wind as you're going down the hill. >> even your fingers and toes even if you're covered up. let's go to tammie souza. >> that's what a perfectly good lodge is for. you need to cover everything up. keith is correct. we could see frostbite in 20, 30 minutes with the type of conditions that we have in the poconos. this morning, actual area temperature, not the feels-like, minus 3. zero in reading. in philadelphia, it was 6. 4 in atlantic city.
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trenton at 3. dover at 9. wilmington at 5. you get the idea. it's brutally cold. 15 in reading. atlantic city, 18. we're going to continue to fall at this point because we have clear skies out there. 12 will be the low as you wake up in philadelphia. 10 in stone harbor and 10 in trent t trenton. it's the feels-like that is really going to get you. any wind at all is going to make it feel fierce. doppler radar is quiet. we're going to shift gears and talk snow. lake-effect snow with the cold air coming out of canada. but you notice, there's not a lot else. the forecast models say, yes, there is. and there is actually off the coast going to be a system that develops a couple of days away. about 36 hours away.
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watch what happens. here it comes. it's coming up the coastline. now, if it tracks far enough out to sea, we just get flurries. if it tracks farther west, we may get some rain. all of the models want to bring us snow. just different amounts of snow. right here you can see how tightly wound it is. they call it a metrological bomb. somebody on the east coast from us all the way up through new england, they are going to get hammered with a lot of snow. 10, 11 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, the low 20s across the area. plenty of sunshine. still need to bundle up. on wednesday, we make it to the mid-20s. here comes that snow. it may start as a mix and jersey shore, it will be with us perhaps all day. maybe just parts of the area getting snow. other parts of the area getting rain. these are some of the forecast models. it's kind of sensible, 2 inches in philadelphia, maybe 4 in
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atlantic city. this is in north america. if this stays out to sea, you're getting a dusting at best and this is the rapid precision model. i show you these models not because i think any of them are connect but because when you have one saying nothing and another saying 15, it let's you know it's all about the placement of the system. we should have a better idea tomorrow who will be getting snow and who won't. 24 for tomorrow. 31 on wednesday. a chance of snow on thursday. back to the deep freeze on friday and saturday. sunday, pretty chilly. but look at this, finally above freezing next week. guys? >> hey, i'm john clark. what is the problem with nick foles? is it his confidence? that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark from nbc sports philadelphia. some nfl teams are coming after doug pederson as they have asked to interview carson wentz's quarterback coach and jim schwartz has caught the giants' eye. the big concern for the eagles going into the playoffs, quarterback nick foles. in the five quarters he has played the last two games, the eagles on the third down are just 1 for 17. listen to eagles great mike quick, the radio analyst, on nick foles on our eagles "gameday final" last night. >> do you have the confidence that nick foles can get that done? >> that's a very good question. again, i go back to leaning on the run back and makes the
6:25 pm
passing game a lot easier for nick. he's not decisive. he's not picking out a target and anticipating where his target is going to be, throwing the football and i just think the football. >> you don't always play 100% of what you want to do but keep trucking along and i feel great and really confident. i know the guys are really confident in me. >> let's hope so. doug pederson has backed off trying to keep the eagles rested. they are going to have a regular practice this week and next week. it's going to get them back to intense training, almost like a training camp. and it was his fault for the drop pass. the eagles may never be in it this position again. >> because of the way we played earlier in the year, we had an opportunity to take a step back with this bye week and we need to prepare for the next game. so it's almost like you hit the reset button in a way and really
6:26 pm
everyone does because it doesn't matter that we're 13 and 3 , if we go out there and blow it, we need to handle our business and get better this week and focus on the fundamentals. >> on to the 6ers, how about ringing in the new year with the games, all on the road. they are back here on wednesday against the spurs. they always get nervous when they see this. but joel's hand is not broken, it's sprained. he says he's going to be fine. thank goodness. i'm john clark. we're right back. strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! amazing produce prices. only at giant.
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well, we're going to be looki looking at frigid conditions tomorrow. you need to cover up, 24 for a high tomorrow. it will feel cooler than that. 31 on wednesday and all eyes are focused on the atlantic coast because we're going to see a large coastal storm system forming and some of us may see significant snow.
6:30 pm
we've got to watch that one. >> stay tuned. thanks for watching. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. "nbc nightly news" is next. see you at 11:00. tonight, a frigid and dangerous start to the new year. below freezing temperatures in 90% of the country with at least five deaths now linked to the cold. just when will it end? the search for what caused a plane to hit a mountain moments after takeoff. ten americans killed, five from the same family. the new warning to the u.s. fm north korea's dictator who says he has the nuclear button on his desk. buying pot. it's now legal for recreational use in california. one of the many new laws taking effect today. and a celebration of life at a big new year's day parade and the selfless acts that are inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. and happy new year. i'm peter ale


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